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Episode 21: Fall and Winter Key Skin Strategies

Episode 21: Fall and Winter Key Skin Strategies

As the weather changes, your skin can change too. There are great holistic ways to take care of your skin as it adapts to the seasons. I recently did some google-searching how to keep your skin healthy as the weather gets colder, and I found a lot of misinformation - so I hope this episode brings you clarity.

Today, I share my insights as a holistic MD about what to do (and not to do!) to take care of your skin as it recovers from the sun exposure it received during the summer months. I also share my tips on how to help your skin transition seamlessly into fall and winter. I also talk about specific ingredients and products to incorporate into your skincare routine during this time. I address the harmful effects of chemical peels, how moisturizers work and the best ingredients to looks for in moisturizers, how to deal with age spots holistically, and much more.

"I don't believe there is ever a time to do a chemical peel."
- Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • How chemical peels actually work
  • How your skin ages
  • When to do a peel (if you're going to do it at all)
  • How chemical peels influence age spots
  • What hyaluronic acid does
  • Ingredients to use to moisturize your skin
  • How moisturizers work
  • The best moisturizers for you
  • Why Vitamin D is good for you
"Your skin is working 24/7 for 100+ years of your life, and really it doesn't make any mistakes - it just adjusts to the environment that it is in.."
- Dr. Ben

Links Mentioned

"How much you feed your skin at any given moment will determine whether or not it will operate at full capacity."
- Dr. Ben

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