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Our skin is a filter to help remove toxins from our bodies. These toxins are what cause breakouts. Whether from diet, hormones, stress or candida, the toxins that are released due to these causes appear on the face, back or chest that occur chronically, monthly or intermittently.

Breakouts can occur on the face, back, or chest that are cystic, small or deep within the skin.

Consider consulting with your physician or licensed skincare professional before embarking on a new treatment or skincare program. If you have any specific questions about these matters, consult a doctor or licensed skincare professional for a diagnosis and customized treatment plan.

Case Studies

Osmosis approaches acne differently. We have ingredients that help remodel scarring, potent antibacterials (like liposomal retinaldehyde) that are non-irritating, sebum controlling ingredients like phosphatidylcholine, and our immune boosting transformation serums that restore skin health.

Before Photo: Day 0

After Photo: Day 180

Improvements In: Significant improvement in acne, scarring, redness, and inflammation.

Homecare Regimen: Daily use of Rescue

Professional Treatments: Client received 1 Facial Infusion Treatment at the mid-point of her transformation.