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Bottle of Catalyst AC-11

Catalyst AC-11 DNA Repair C Serum

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Catalyst AC-11 activates DNA repair of our own cells.  Containing a clinically proven formula, this Vitamin C serum dramatically enhances the appearance of skin tone and texture. This serum can be used on pigmentation, acne scars, skin tags, and as your go-to DNA health anti-ageing product.

Zinc Finger Technology (patented) provides the tools the skin needs to repair DNA and cellular damage, as well as stimulate collagen production. Catalyst AC-11 is the most potent version because it contains higher levels of Zinc Finger Technology and the research-proven DNA repair tool known as AC-11. AC-11 has been shown to increase DNA repair by 33%. In addition to the increase in potency, this version of Catalyst contains Aloe, Zinc and Vitamin E which makes it more soothing. The combination of technologies makes this a remarkable product for aging, capillaries, pigmentation, skin tags and more.

Click here to view the clinical study for Catalyst AC-11 which showed a 110% increase in elasticity, 64% reduction of broken capillaries and redness, 15% tightening of eyelids, 32% improvement in skin radiance and luminosity and a 15% reduction in pre-cancerous skin lesions.

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