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Bug Bites

"The doctor prescribed me steroid cream on October 3rd and I took two doses of that until October 5th when I got some of the rescue from my mom since the steroid cream was not helping at all.
I started only putting the rescue on my arm that evening. By October 10th it was almost gone! So happy to be helping my body vs shutting it down like the steroid cream was doing."

At home protocol: Rescue

Dry Skin

"I am so happy with my progress and hope to help someone in my situation."

Homecare Wellness Protocols:


"Osmosis resonates to the true core of my being, treat the source, balance the body. I'm a true believer that our bodies can heal itself from anything if we create the right environment."

Homecare Protocol: 3 doses of Immune Defense.

Vascular Dermatitis

Results Achieved with 6 Doses of Immune Defense

Wound Repair

"I'm so glad to have found something that works for my skin over the course of 2 years and not just for a few months. I haven't worn makeup in almost a year because I FINALLY feel confident in my skin, I don't even own any either, which I never thought would happen...ever."

Professional Protocol:

  • RevitaPen Facial Infusion monthly
"Rescue was amazing at flattening this odd growth behind my ear. It has healed very nicely!"

Protocol: Rescue was applied 1x daily for 2.5 weeks

Fat Pad Renewal

These results were achieved using Recovery

These results were achieved with Recovery 1 TBSP twice daily, 2 Skin Defense once daily, and Ageless Vitality 5 pumps 2x per day.

These results were achieved using Recovery.

Individual results may vary and before & after images do not claim to represent typical results. All images are of real people and are not intended to represent or  guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. These results are meant to showcase the best results achieved from dedicated Osmosis Beauty professionals and customers.