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Case Study 1.

"Osmosis products truly changed my life. Before using Osmosis I woke up every morning with a new breakout, which were always very red and painful and unpleasant to look at. But now my skin is glowing and truly flawless. I have the confidence now to go makeup free, which I never did before. Thank you so so much! You have a forever customer!"

Professional Protocol:

  • Osmosis Infusion Facial with RevitaPen (every 8 weeks)

Case Study 2.

"I'm so glad to have found something that works for my skin over the course of 2 years and not just for a few months. I haven't worn makeup in almost a year because I FINALLY feel confident in my skin, I don't even own any either, which I never thought would happen...ever."

Professional Protocol:

  • RevitaPen Facial Infusion monthly

Case Study 3.

"I have struggled with hormonal and stress related blemishes for 5+ years and the only thing that completely transformed my skin was supplementation with Osmosis products. If I could use every product I would! 85% of my blemishes are gone and keeps getting better. Osmosis is the only product I trust and is a staple in my skin and self care routine."

Case Study 4.

"The Osmosis products are amazing! My skin has never looked better and has never been healthier! In a very short amount of time, the skin treatments have helped my skin dramatically. I appreciate how Michelle has educated me about the product line and how to take better care of my skin. Thank you!!!!!"

Home Care Protocol:

Professional Protocol:

Case Study 5.

"I love all the Osmosis products Julia uses on my skin during my facial treatments. They smell amazing, they are of amazing quality, and gentle enough for my skin while helping keep my face clear of blemishes. I recommend Julia's facials to all my friends and acquaintances who suffer from acne or other skin conditions."

Products During Professional Treatment

Case Study 6.

"I am so happy that I can finally say that my skin is soooo much better! I don't flare up anymore it's really a miracle as I never could get off the ivermectin cream or so long without looking like some sort of clown.
The product I am using from Osmosis onto the skin is also very calming (The epidermal serum). They also gave small packages of trials for moisturizers or cleansers which I will definitely order as my skin didn't react and felt immediately so smooth. I can't thank Osmosis enough..... It's a miracle. I can finally live my life as a 27 year old without worrying all the time about my skin.. I even drank alcohol without flaring up! Thank you Osmosis!!!!"

Case Study 7.

"I was so happy to find Michelle to help me with my skin. I have been struggling with acne and she was able to make a significant positive change to my skin. I started getting facials and used the Osmosis infusions. I also incorporated the Polish enzyme at home. I'm so happy that I learned about Osmosis and that even though I only was able to use the Polish it made my face brighter, smoother and clearer. Would highly recommend using the Osmosis line of products."

Home Care Protocol:

Case Study 8.

"Each item she uses smells subtly smooth. It's not too overwhelming and melts away as she massages them into my skin. I feel completely relaxed during the treatment and refreshed by the end of my facial."

Case Study 9.

Results achieved with Deep Clean, Clarify, Catalyst AC-11, Infuse, and professional in-clinic treatments.

Case Study 10.

Results achieved with Deep Clean, Polish, Clarify with Infuse, Rescue, and professional in-clinic treatments.

Case Study 11.

Results achieved with Rescue, Polish, Catalyst AC-11, Skin Defense, Immune Defense, and professional in-clinic treatments.

Case Study 12.

Results achieved with Deep Clean, Polish, Clarify with Infuse, Rescue, and professional in-clinic treatments.

Case Study 13.

Results achieved with Deep Clean, Polish, Clarify, Rescue, and professional in-clinic treatments.

Case Study 14.

Case Study 15.

Grid item

Results achieved using Catalyst AC-11 with Boost, Purify, and Polish.

Case Study 16.

Results achieved using Skin Perfection, Cleanse, Boost, Rescue, Catalyst AC-11, and professional in-clinic treatments.

Case Study 17.

Results achieved using Deep Clean, Polish, Clarify, Rescue, and professional in-clinic treatments.

Case Study 18.

Results achieved using Skin Defense.

Case Study 19.

Results achieved with professional Facial Infusion treatments customized by the skincare professional with Osmosis Powder Actives. The home care protocol included Deep Clean, Polish, StemFactor, Calm, Rescue, Regenerate, and Skin Defense.

Case Study 20.

Results achieved using Deep CleanCalmInfuseSkin ClarifierSkin Defense and professional in-clinic treatments.

Case Study 21.

Results achieved with Rescue twice daily.

Individual results may vary and before & after images do not claim to represent typical results. All images are of real people and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. These results are meant to showcase the best results achieved from dedicated Osmosis Beauty professionals and customers.