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Episode 30: Rosacea - Powerful Solutions for Permanent Results

Episode 30: Rosacea - Powerful Solutions for Permanent Results

A lot of people struggle with low-grade rosacea, and contrary to popular belief, rosacea is mostly caused by digestive issues. Many dermatologists say that rosacea is cause by a mite in the pores, but alternative and holistic medicine research shows a significant relationship between rosacea and digestive conditions. On this episode, I talk about what causes rosacea, how steroids or antibiotics influence your health, how skin mapping can help bring clarity about the skin and health issues, a holistic skincare protocol for rosacea, and more.

"Skin conditions come from the inside in most cases."
- Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • What low grade rosacea is
  • What causes rosacea
  • The relationship between rosacea and digestion
  • How antibiotics influence rosacea
  • How acid reflux influences your skin
  • How skin mapping connects with internal issues
  • What skin conditions candida is attached to
  • How liver patterns can sometimes influence rosacea
  • What it means when you have skin conditions present itself on the neck
  • What causes a butterfly rash
  • The skincare protocol for those with rosacea
"Back in the day dermatologists were identifying that rosacea was caused by digestive problems."
- Dr. Ben

Links Mentioned

"When your skin is chronically inflamed, it is going to use up a lot of nutrients, so you end up having a shortage of lipids to complete a barrier."
- Dr. Ben

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