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Episode 37: The Ultimate Guide to Skin Self Assessment, Part 2

Episode 37: The Ultimate Guide to Skin Self Assessment, Part 2

In this episode we are continuing with our series on The Ultimate Guide to Skin Self Assessment where I have been breaking down the history of one's skin to better understand what has happened to it in the past. Today we are going to dive into the implications of a current skin routine. I give both professionals and non-professionals the tools and know-how to determine how successful a current skin care routine may or may not be for a given individual. From acids to retinols to cleaning products and even the water we drink, there are plenty of factors to consider when assessing someone's skin routine.

Listen in as I discuss how to do a skin assessment, what skin mapping is, and which popular skincare products can actually be harmful to the body.

"We are creating life-changing results."
" Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • Is an in-person skin assessment better than an online skin assessment
  • How do you assess someone's skin routine
  • Is salicylic acid good for your skin
  • Is malic acid harmful to skin
  • What percentage of malic acid is dangerous
  • Which retinols are good for your skin
  • Do skin products with alcohol remove the fat in your skin
  • Why is it important to clean the skin gently
  • What is skin mapping
  • What causes cherry angiomas
  • What is the difference between alkaline water and alkalinized water for the skin
  • What causes enlarged pores
"Retinols are not targeted for collagen production. That is a misunderstanding of the skin."
" Dr. Ben

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"Bits of dirt do not cause aging. I promise you."
- Dr. Ben
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