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Episode 35: Energy Frequencies in Skincare and Wellness Explained

Episode 35: Energy Frequencies in Skincare and Wellness Explained

To treat skin conditions at their root I have been working with the research of innovators like scientist Royal Rife and Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier -- along with a mathematical formula based on our molecular structure. Together, this exciting research has been helping me determine the resonant frequency waves for various substances in the body. I believe that if we really want to get medicine moving into the future, energy medicine is the way to go and I love that we are using it to discover the frequencies of so many substances and pathologies. This is helping us to make important strides in treating many challenging conditions.

In today's episode, I demystify the use of frequencies as a therapeutic alternative to some of the less holistic options available on the market today. I also break down frequency infused water and discuss how quantum physics is related to skincare.

"Each atom has its own beat and its own frequency."
" Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • What is frequency infused water
  • How is quantum physics related to skincare
  • What is frequency medicine
  • What is scalar energy
  • Why does a placebo work
  • Why do we feel solid if we are not
  • Can pathogens affect frequencies in the body
  • What happens when the body stores toxins
  • How does Immune Defense work
  • What is the Golden Ratio
  • How to tell if you have acid reflux
  • Why are there minerals in the frequency elixirs
  • How does water hold information
"The concept of scalar medicine could be applied to traditional medicine."
" Dr. Ben

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"Placebo is a real thing and it's all about moving energy."
- Dr. Ben

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