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Episode 33: Viruses, mRNA vaccines - a novel perspective

Episode 33: Viruses, mRNA vaccines - a novel perspective

As the pandemic continues, this episode highlights a novel perspective on viruses and mRNA vaccines. I'm explaining the research and my perspective on vaccines as a holistic MD.

People all over the world are assuming that the COVID-19 vaccine will work and cure the COVID-19 pandemic, but I think it is important to understand that historically mRNA vaccines actually are not that effective. However, when you keep your body and mind healthy, you're more likely to be able to manage and fight the virus.

On this episode, I explain my perspective on how mRNA vaccines work and the way your body can best deal with this pandemic.

"Your body, when it is at its best, manages viruses with phenomenal accuracy."
- Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

*** NOTE: Dr. Ben is voicing his personal opinions; this information is not being presented as factual evidence.***

  • The relationship between fear and your health
  • Where viruses come from
  • What happens when you get the flu vaccine
  • What is immunity
  • Why this virus is man-made
  • My thoughts on the virus mutations
  • The power of consciousness
  • How protein influences your immune system
  • What it takes to reach herd immunity
  • Potential side effects of the vaccine
  • How to understand the current research
  • How RNA and mRNA viruses work
  • What happens in mutations
  • My perspective on fevers
  • What medications to avoid while fighting the virus
"By restoring your health you can survive a lot of pandemic potential."
- Dr. Ben

Links Mentioned

"Isn't it interesting that the whole world is banking on the vaccine being effective."
- Dr. Ben

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