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Episode 29: What Really Causes Aging

Episode 29: What Really Causes Aging

There is so much misinformation about what actually causes aging. Today, I talk about some specific activities and habits that cause your skin to age and what you can do to stop the aging process. I address how inflammation influences aging, and how your diet and sugar intake impact your skin's aging process. I talk about what causes fat pad (the good fat pads) loss in your face, and the role of bleached flour, hydrogenated fats, and sun burns on your skin's ability to look youthful. I also go in depth about my favorite holistic forms of stopping and reversing the aging process and much more.

"We're trying to affect the quality of life as you move into your more mature years."
- Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • What really causes the skin to age
  • How inflammation influences aging
  • What happens during inflammation
  • How diet impacts the aging process
  • What is glycation
  • How to reverse glycation
  • Predictions on how fat pad losses occur
  • Why bleach flour is toxic to the body and skin
  • The role of hydrogenated fats in aging
  • The fine line between sun exposure and sun burns
  • How retinaldehyde influences the skin
  • Bottlenecks of aging
  • What AKG is
  • Forms of oxygen supplementation
  • How chemotherapy ages your skin
  • The hormone levels that impact aging
  • How to fix your hormones
"80% of wrinkles, I estimate, is related to fat pad volume loss."
- Dr. Ben

Links Mentioned

"The skin itself is a bit of an enigma."
- Dr. Ben

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