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Episode 28: A Holistic Medical Guide to Hormones

Episode 28: A Holistic Medical Guide to Hormones

In a time where there are so many toxins that can influence estrogen levels, I share a holistic medical guide to hormones and what to watch out for.

There are estrogen chemicals in every aspect of our lives that affect our kids, cause early menopause, infertility, acne, PCOS and much more. We take in toxins all the time, and there are a ton of estrogenic toxins in food and food preservatives, and in our environment. On this show, I talk about the different hormonal issues like hormonal cancers, hair loss, and acne, and how to holistically detox unhealthy hormones in order to live a healthy life.

"Your body is so brilliant, that it is measuring in pico-levels (tiny little minute levels) your hormones on a 20 second basis."
- Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • How your body regulates hormones
  • What causes hormonal cancers
  • How outside hormones influence your body
  • The liver's response to hormones
  • Why certain kids develop early
  • What endocrine disruptors are
  • Which chemicals are estrogenic
  • Why pea protein causes acne
  • How hormonal birth control influences women
  • How cortisol works
  • Where acne on the neck and jawline comes from
  • The estrogen toxins to watch out for
  • What causes infertility
  • What causes menopause
  • The harms of HGH
"There are 10,000 chemical additives going into our food. Most of them are not tested for chemical toxicity."
- Dr. Ben

Links Mentioned

"I just don't believe that our hormones should remain at peak youth levels in order to perform at peak youth levels."
- Dr. Ben

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