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Episode 19: Top 10 Signs of Aging Part 1

Episode 19: Top 10 Signs of Aging Part 1

As a holistic MD, this episode is fun for me because I get to talk about how you can spot aging issues in your body, and what to do to stay healthy and feeling young long-term.

I specifically address aging issues that manifest around libido, hair-loss, joint pain, and other aging issues. I talk about the importance of keeping your microbiome healthy, how to strengthen your immune system, what you need to do to maintain muscle mass with age, and more.

I share the best holistic processes and products to use to help with these aging issues.

"The most important thing you can do everyday is making sure you have a sense of contentment or a sense of joy."
- Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

  • Why prebiotics are important
  • The importance of a healthy microbiome
  • Why not to take antacid
  • How to clear your mucus build-up
  • How to reverse hair-loss
  • How emotional well-being influences your health
  • Why to be aware of dropping body fat percentages
  • How estrogen toxins influence your health
  • How to cure fibroids
  • Ways to up your libido
  • What causes low testosterone
  • How to fix impotency issues
  • How to relieve joint pain
  • The truth about Vitamin D
  • How to strengthen your immune system
"We want to restore your youthful abilities.."
- Dr. Ben

Links Mentioned

"The recovery of your microbiome does reduce the overall grey hair content over a 6 month period."
- Dr. Ben

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