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Episode 17: Pandemic Update - The Slippery Slope Part 1

Episode 17: Pandemic Update - The Slippery Slope Part 1

We've talked about the pandemic, but today I am talking about the purpose behind this pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic is global and we're dealing with a man-made virus. I realize that this episode might sound conspiratorial, but I hope that you can listen to the scientific and intuitive information that I have.

On this episode, I talk about why the virus is man-made, what happens with the viral research around the world, how DNA and RNA viruses influence the body, and more.

"I believe that one of my talents is to see the not-yet-stated information that is coming out of our research."
- Dr. Ben

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Show Notes

*** NOTE: Dr. Ben is voicing his personal opinions; this information is not being presented as factual evidence.***

  • Why COVID-19 is man-made
  • How viruses work
  • Why people don't have access to viral research
  • The link between viruses and cancer
  • How RNA and DNA viruses influence the body
  • Where viruses originate
"There's antigenic drift and there's antigenic shift.."
- Dr. Ben
"RNA viruses don't mutate to avoid detection. RNA viruses mutate because they're running their system through our DNA."
- Dr. Ben

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