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Most companies are using the same technology from thirty years ago (alpha hydroxy acids and high-dose retinols) and hoping that real change in the skin can happen. Instead, what we have become accustomed to is plumping or firming of skin that result from the inflammation caused by these traumatic ingredients, none of these methods makes the skin healthier or younger. Osmosis believes that we must shift our attention to the dermis because that is where the bulk of aging and damage occur. It is the dermis that thins at 1% a year, not the epidermis.

The Osmosis Collection

The Osmosis collection of skincare products, masks and peels contains the most advanced technology in the world combined with a paradigm shift in our approach to the skin that results in remarkable outcomes for every skin condition.

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Osmosis believes in several unique steps that separate us from the competition:

1 Natural exfoliation through feeding and stimulating the skin to increase turnover with no forced exfoliation.

2 Increasing skin nutrition through using liposomal niacinamide to increase the delivery of nutrients and immune cells.

3 DNA repair so effective it removes telangectasias, skin tags, melasma and actinic keratosis.

4 Scar remodeling using zinc fingers and macrophage stimulators

5 Growth factor replacement using adult stem cells. Our ingredients, while natural, are the most research proven actives in the world.